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10 Reasons To Have A Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir photographer reflects on why you should book your own boudoir photoshoot.

You’ve seen the photos and you’ve read the testimonials about other clients’ experiences. It’s been on your mind. What’s holding you back? As if you need an excuse to pick up the phone and book your photoshoot, I’m going to help you out with TEN reasons to book a boudoir session for yourself! This is coming straight from the boudoir photographer!


Portrait by Lilac Dream Boudoir

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” 

~ Jennifer Lee



10 Reasons To Have A Boudoir Photoshoot

10. For a confidence boost!

At times, we all find ourselves stuck in a rut. Whether it’s due to work, relationships, or the general complexities of life, these factors can contribute to a sense of stagnation. Sometimes the best thing to do under these circumstances is to take action! Having a boudoir photoshoot is a way to connect with other supportive women who are here to help remind you how amazing you truly are!

9. To celebrate an anniversary.

Looking for the PERFECT for gift your significant other? Surprise him/her with the best gift of all – YOU! (A boudoir shoot also serves as a thoughtful gift to yourself, which is undeniably a win/win situation in my book!) Plus, this is an opportunity to spice things up! Blow your significant other’s brains and connect to that part of yourself you don’t show often.

8. Fitness Goals

Get that motivating “why” to push through a plateau! Maybe you’ve already achieved some major fitness wins. (Awesome!) This is a great “treat” day minus all the well-deserved calories. 😉


Boudoir photos by Lilac Dream Boudoir.

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.”

~ Lalah Delia


7. You feel good about where you are in life and want to celebrate that!

Maybe your business is having a good year, or you recently received a promotion or bonus for being stellar at what you do. If you are feeling great about life, let’s capture that! You can look back at your images and be reminded of all the things you’ve got going for yourself!

6. Life transitions.

Whether it’s a breakup or divorce, we can sometimes walk away feeling pretty crummy. Even when it’s for the best. Hiring the right boudoir photographer to capture you through this transition is a great way to say goodbye to the relationships that no longer serve your best self, and hello to your next chapter and the things that will add more substance and value to your life. Here’s to new beginnings!

5. It’s your birthday!

It can be a milestone birthday or any year in between. There’s no better way to celebrate another trip around the sun than getting glammed up and capturing yourself at this stage of life. Plus, your future self will thank you! What would life be without the tangible reminders of ourselves “once upon a time”?


Beauty portrait by Lilac Dream Boudoir.


4. You’re getting married!

Surprise your husband with the ultimate wedding gift – a custom, luxury photo album featuring YOU! Insider tip: if you are hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, this is a great opportunity to make use of the makeup trial. Schedule your boudoir shoot on the same day and have fun with it!

3. Celebrate being single!

This is a time and opportunity to focus on you. To rediscover the things that you authentically resonate with, things that excite you, the things that matter most to you. Planning a boudoir shoot thinking only about how YOU envision the outcome is truly profound!

2. A self-love boost.

It’s essential to celebrate and honor you just as you are today. Love is a practice – even with yourself! You deserve it! Working hard and loving others fiercely should absolutely be rewarded with a day of pampering and fun. Plus, you now have a reason to buy that sexy lingerie you’ve been thinking about.


Empowerment photo shoot with Lilac Dream Boudoir.



Do you really need a reason? Boudoir is fun! Having a boudoir photoshoot is a wonderfully unique experience resulting in stunning images to last a lifetime!


Stop thinking about it and start planning YOUR shoot! Connect with your boudoir photographer today!


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