Elegant boudoir photography to capture the essence of your unique beauty.

What is a boudoir photoshoot?


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

~Coco Chanel


You’ve seen the word “boudoir” around, usually next to photographs – and those photos can run the gamut in style. Though they all share an underlying thread – BEAUTY, in one form or another. 




There are limitless possibilities of what will be conveyed through a boudoir photo. And what that will be will always be determined by the person being photographed, alongside the eye of the photographer.  






Every woman that walks into my studio has a unique essence. A rare beauty. Is 100% completely authentic and I get to say that it is my job to celebrate that.


“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

~ Harry Winston


Try to envision the color of the morning sky right before the sun rises. Or the excitement of lightning as it flashes across the night sky in a violent storm. Or the simple sweetness of a ripe peach on the first bite. They all elicit an intangible, completely unique feeling within each person experiencing them. It’s an undeniable beauty, force, and flavor. This is boudoir. It’s capturing that essence of beauty in YOU through a photograph.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an esoteric way of describing it. But I wanted to give you, the reader, a sense of how I see things and how that trickles into the photo studio. Things aren’t usually black and white with me. There are many shades of many different colors and I LOVE to hone into the tones of a person’s spirit and shine a light on the authenticity of that beauty.

So now that I’ve described a bit of my philosophy behind a boudoir photoshoot, let’s talk about the experience itself. 



The first thing to happen is a phone consultation. This is just for you to get to know me, ask ANY questions you have, and clarify any uncertainties or misperceptions you might have that would prevent you from moving forward. So often we talk ourselves out of doing something because of fear and misunderstanding. I want you to have a full understanding of what to expect throughout the process leading up to the photoshoot, the planning, and preparation, as well as the investment. I also like to get to know you a little more. It helps me understand your vision and what you want to get out of the experience.

Once you decide to book, and we’ve confirmed a date, the fun begins! I’ll send you a stream of emails to guide and help you plan along the way. From to what to wear, a list of places to shop, and what to look for when shopping. I’ll also suggest some pampering and self-care, like when you should make any beauty appointments for hair, nails, waxing, etc.



On the day of your shoot, you’ll arrive at our modern and fully equipped photography studio, designed to make you feel both luxurious and completely at home. We’ll start on your hair & make-up while going over what lingerie and other pieces your brought and talk about final wardrobe choices. Feel free to sip your coffee or tea while my expert hair & makeup stylist glams you up. (Though you’ll want to put it away when she starts your makeup, especially your lips!) 😉 Then I’ll give you some time to just enjoy the pampering while listening to your favorite tunes. Once you are fully glammed, you’ll slip into your first look, and I’ll usually start you with the outfit you are most comfortable in. But believe me, no matter which outfit you start with, you will be ready to shoot because you will look and feel glamorous!



During the shoot, I will fully guide you into poses and will make slight adjustments from the angle of your head, to what to do with your hands and feet, where to look, etc. I will also do all the poses beforehand. All you have to do is enjoy the experience! We will shoot 3-4 looks and will shoot for about 2 – 2.5 hours. Then we’re done! I’ll suggest you treat yourself to a delicious and nourishing meal afterward because trust me – you will likely be hungry! I get to work immediately uploading your photos and selecting the best from the session.



I spend the next few weeks fully editing your photos so that the next time you see them they are ready to go home with you. Two to three weeks after your session we get together again at your ordering appointment and go through your photos together. YOU will select which ones you want to keep (all of them, right!?), which ones you want to create prints and wall art with, which ones to include in your photo album, etc. I’ll have sample albums on hand to help you select the perfect design for yourself. Allow approximately 4-6 weeks for production and delivery of your orders, depending on what products and designs you select. Until then, you can flip through your digital images hundreds of times (yes, we all do it!), and share with your friends, family, and significant others – I also offer passcode protected smartphone apps for you to keep your gallery just a swipe away and secure – and you can share it with anyone you’d like! 



There are so many other wonderful things to describe about the process, the fine art prints, the heirloom albums, the connections made, the friendships forged, and the community of support you find yourself surrounded by throughout and afterward… but ultimately, I hope the most profound thing you walk away from a boudoir shoot with is a renewed connection to your strength and beauty, both inside and out, and a rejuvenated and empowered sense of self. I don’t think that’s such a tall order, am I right? 😉



“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”


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